The Hemlock Woolly Adelgid (Adelges tsugae)

Beginnings of hemlock woolly adelgid infestation.

A dead Hemlock tree

You Can Save Your Hemlock Trees

We at Southern Hemlock Helpers recognize the vital importance of the Eastern Hemlock. As a properly licensed and insured company, not only do we have a passion for the conservation of this species - with you we can arrange an effective Hemlock management plan to fit your needs and your budget.

Tree removal can cost hundreds of dollars. When treating your hemlock trees, not only are you aiding in protective local wildlife - you are adding to the value of your property.

Our treatments can last for years, and results are seen quickly. Hemlock trees can be safely treated with pesticides, and are 99% successful at killing the pest that would otherwise inhabit and kill the hemlock tree.


Certified in Forestry Pest Control by the Department of Agriculture

(License #13641)

Members of:

Save Georgia's Hemlocks

The American Chestnut Foundation


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